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With over 15 years in the Travel Industry, Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel Company has grown from strength to strength and become the Travel Management Company of choice for various corporate organizations, Diplomatic Missions, NGOs, UN Bodies, as well as individual travellers who benefit from our cost effective and unique travel programs. Our sound financial backing and experience accords us the opportunity to draw from a variety of resources that help us meet customer needs. Through our dedication, we have earned an excellent reputation for the personalized care and attention we offer our clients.

Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel Company is the leading car rental franchise. We will take you wherever you need to go in Kenya and the region, no sweat.

Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel Company provides you the easiest way to find the best flight deals within Kenya, Africa and around the world. We have you covered when it comes to value travel and the affordable flights. Check our options to get the best deals on any airline tickets, no matter where you’re headed.

Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel Company opened its operations as a four-car operation in 2003 at Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. We have continued to grow our fleet steadily with time.

Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel Company makes it easy to rent a car in Kenya. Whatever kind of trip you are planning we offer a large selection of premium vehicles that can cater to a variety of mobility needs. With our affordable rates on luxury and economy vehicles we can help you make the most out of your Kenya travels.

Available for car rental from our Active Car Hire branch locations in Kenya is a range of up-to-date vehicles from some of the best car manufacturers in the world. You can select what will be best for your budget and driving requirements from our compact cars and sedans, sports cars, SUVs and vans. We offer great deals on useful add ons and upgrades as well so you can easily customize your Kenya car rental.

Want to Travel but Afraid of the paperwork involved? Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel offers you a hassle-free visa application assistance and other passport services. From application procedures to legalization of your documents, we have got everything under control. With us, you can rest assured that you are in absolutely safe hands. We assist visa application to China, USA, United Kingdom, India, Dubai, Vietnam, Schengen countries and Most African countries

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Cecilia Karanja


Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel is a travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya, offering amazing Safari packages. With a proper understanding of the travelling industry, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted and reliable tours agency, delivering on our promise of adventurous, memorable and cost-effective Safaris.

Edward James


Judith Ogani

Tour Manager

Group Tours

Let's organize group tours for you within and across borders

Journey to U.K WITH US

Let's organize a perfect trip for all of you to U.K or any other part of the country or the world

Travel to Masai Mara

Do you want to visit and see our beautiful Wildlife? Just get in touch we organize that for you

Visit China

We can organize a group ticket for you to visit China too. Get in touch

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To China


Mr. Julius Oloo

Eagleline Rentals are just the best. They assisted me get my visa to China and i travelled to and fro easily.

To New York


Brian Mark

Eagleline Air flight Services are the best. They asisted me plan my journey to New York and I closed my business deal on time. Kudos guys!

To Dubai


Mr. Edison Mutiso

My journey to Dubai was as smooth as it could be all because of Eagleline Rentals efforts. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks

To Mombasa


Mrs. Lydia Kilulu

I recommend Eagleline Rentals flight services to any business person on anyone with a tight schedule. They never dissapoint.

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Client Satisfaction is our goal. We always leave our clients with a memorable impression of us
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This is what happens when you deal with the best. Eagleline Rentals we strive to offer exactly that
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Honesty is a virtue. There are no hidden charges when you deal with Us. We try to keep everything crystal clear when dealing with our clients
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We are simply here to serve you. We aid our clients in legal matters as well as offer guidance and support on the ground. Our clients are our best buddies
save time
We save time and unnecessary frustrations for our clients by carrying out legal procedures on their behalf. Just sit down and relax. Everything is under control
Deep experience
Having over 10 years of experience in this field, we are your best consultants in matters of travel. We've aided over 4000 clients get their Visas and travel within and across borders. You are definitely on the hands of experts
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Having worked with multiple Agencies and Organisations, Eagleline Rentals Tours & Travel is part of Interior and Global network in the field. We are simply connected with the world so you are too
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We are a One-stop-solution to all your travelling needs may it be on land and in air or accomodation. We have access of a large pool of services such as Hotels, Rental vehicles or even airplane ticketing. Just get in touch with us Today


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Thanks alot Eagleline Rentals Limited for your services. I arrived in China safe and sound and on time. Kudos

3 day ago

You are just the best @Eagleline Rentals Limited. Our trip to Mombasa was Epic and we are really excited. We wouldn't hesitate to call you next time.

8 days ago